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Orthopedic Massage …

Orthopedic Massage is an advanced discipline of therapeutic massage used to reduce pain and optimize the client's posture or structural alignment. Orthopedic Massage uses unique and effective techniques to address restrictions in the fascial net. The fascial net is a continuous elastic sheath of multiple layers of collagen fibers providing tensional support for every muscle, bone, joint and organ- all the way down to the cellular level. Visually, the texture of a fascial layer can be likened to the clear membrane covering raw skinless chicken.

The Fascial Net: The interesting thing about fascia is its unique ability to change form. It has a plastic like quality. Heat and pressure provided by the manual techniques, combined with the intention of creating positive change in the tissue, softens, opens and lengthens the fascial web.

Orthopedic Massage should not be confused with a relaxation or Swedish style massage, although most all clients report feeling light, energetic, calm and frequently report feeling taller after the session. The manual techniques used with Orthopedic Massage are performed with little to no oil. A standard session length is generally 90 minutes and is customized to the client's pain-related complaints.

Structural Bodywork …

Posture and structure are governed by the fascial system integrating our bones, muscles, organs, nerves, blood vessels and lymph systems. The fascial system not only determines our posture, accumulating evidence suggest that this system actually represents the acupuncture meridians providing energetic communication and information throughout our body.

Emotional stress, repetitive movements, diet, injuries and aging take their toll on our fascial system by shortening and thickening the fascia layers - resulting in various patterns of structural imbalance. In addition, our bodies are constantly pulled by the gravitational force and over time, this exacerbates compensation patterns resulting in pain, poor posture, gait problems and restrictions in the flow of movement in our joints.

Restrictions, adhesions and other malfunctions occurring in the fascia can contribute to disease, illness, emotional illness and pain in our body. My style of Structural Bodywork (also known as "channel dredging") implements manual techniques similar to those used in "Rolfing" and Structural Integration. However, these techniques are targeted to soften adhesions and removing blockages in the acupuncture meridians to enhance the flow of energy and improve body structure / symmetry.

The removal of adhesions and blockages in the fascial meridians, also can create major shifts in emotional and physical wellness. Other benefits include: improvement in body awareness, greater sensitivity to the gravitational force, feeling lighter, more fluid, energetic, and grounded.

Orthopedic Massage is effective for:
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Low Back Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Poor Posture
  • Knee Problems
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Marathon Training

Steve's Orthopedic Massage sessions are organized to focus on a client's particular complaint and goals e.g., neck tension, relieving sciatic pain, improving posture, or enhancing athletic performance.

orthopedic massage

The Fascial Net and Pain

Damage to the fascia can result from many causes including: repetitive use, stress, poor diet, injury, poor posture and aging. When fascial malfunction occurs, the fascial net becomes "glued down" to the surrounding muscles and tissue. These restrictions can impair blood flow to the muscle, thus depriving the tissues of oxygen resulting in pain. Nerves that normally penetrate the fascia to stimulate muscle activity also become trapped in the restricted fascia and lead to pain and tension.

The manual techniques used in Orthopedic Massage lengthen, broaden and hydrate the fascial net and restore structural balance to the body.

After these changes occur, restrictions in the flow of energy and the surrounding tissues are reduced. The fascia normalizes and pain and discomfort are eliminated. In addition, conditioning the fascia allows the body to return to a more normal and vertical structural alignment.

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