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"I have been a Bodywork Revolution client for many years now and recently added acupuncture treatments to the bodywork. I get significant relief from my chronic lower back and neck pain through acupuncture treatments with Steve and highly recommend him for both bodywork and acupuncture."
Skip N.

"I've suffered with back pain most of my life, being told by my doctor that nothing can be done to relieve my back pain. After trying just about all the conventional processes, my doctor wanted to send me to "pain management". Who wants to "manage pain" for the rest of your life? A friend recommended me to Steve for orthopedic massage therapy. After my first session I was pain free. I literally cried because I couldn't remember the last time I could walk without pain. Thank you Steve, for giving my life back."
Janine G.

"Every single time I go I leave amazed at the experience. Having been in this training game for many years, I have seen every manner of massage therapist, ART practitioner, chiropractor, etc. No one, no one even comes close to Steve." Visit my site.
Linda P., MA

"After receiving several Orthopedic Massage sessions for ankle, calf and hip problems, Steve Cunningham was able to assist me in running to a first place finish in my first marathon — qualifying for Boston. Thank you! I know the treatments played a huge roll in getting me to the starting line healthy and ready to run."
Lee S., Division Winner, 2013 Seattle Marathon

"After surgery involving my core muscles, I resolved to get stronger and less stressed. But I kept getting muscle strains and couldn't make progress even under the guidance of a personal trainer. With both of us frustrated, my trainer sent me to Steve Cunningham, and it's been a total turnaround since. I've been so impressed with Steve's knowledge and skills, and as a physician myself it has been an eye opener to experience firsthand the benefits of a different kind of healing technique. Working with Steve I've moved from chronic pain to a feeling of well-being I haven't had in years, and my productivity at work has grown considerably. It's been radical change for me."
Lisa T, MD

"Steve Cunningham of Bodywork Revolution is the central reason why I can get through Ironman training in one piece. No one is as good a bodyworker as Steve. No one. The neuro-stretch class he offers is so good, my teenagers don't miss it! Check it out. He also offers acupuncture, massage, meditation classes, and traditional Chinese medicine."

"It's often hard for me to find a therapist that can work as deeply as I like. Steve is one of the few that is able to. My first visit with Steve was like an out-of-body experience. He didn't just heal my body, he healed my brain and my heart. I felt so alive when I left his studio! Like I could do anything! Steve has an amazing bedside manner and we just connect when I'm on the table. I trust him 100% with my body and any injuries I might have."

"I am a 24 year-old personal trainer and bodybuilder. After years of abuse from lifting weights, my wrist became weak and it was difficult and very painful to perform weight-bearing exercises. After one meeting with Steve for Orthopedic Massage on my wrist and forearms, I noticed a dramatic decrease in my pain and improvement in my ability to perform in my workouts. After having a few more sessions with Steve, I am now able to perform exercises that I have not been able to in years. I am now pain free and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time".
Joe D., Westford, MA

"I thought about muscular therapy, because of my daily workout and shoulder problems. A friend recommended Steve Cunningham. After a few sessions my shoulder was pain free. Additionally, Steve's work improved my physical and mental performance. Great job, Steve!"
Peter K., Woburn, MA

"I have seen dozens of massage therapists over the years and Steve has been the only one to truly make a difference with my chronic pain issues. His ability to delve into my problem areas and facilitate long-lasting changes has opened up new possibilities for me. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking bodily transformation."
Chrissy B., Kunming, China

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