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Bill is a Qualified MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Instructor through UMASS Medical School, and has been a wellness coach for 8 years. He is also a certified elite trainer and nutritionist. He is the founder and co-owner of Provital Personal Training and Nutrition which operates out of Arlington, MA. He has taught MBSR for large corporations, small businesses, mental health facilities, and non-profit companies along with providing one-on-one mindfulness coaching for his clients.

Bill believes that reducing stress is akin to learning any new skill. It takes practice and initially can be challenging. However with clear direction, patience and a willingness to explore and get to know ourselves, positivity and gratitude begin to arise within us. Bill uses the evidence based structured pathway of the MBSR curriculum to cultivate new techniques in approaching habitual patterns of stress. Through his personal practice, Bill believes that mindful awareness is the gateway to softening these conditioned patterns that no longer serve us.

Bill's work is designed to increase well-being for people facing a host of challenges, whether it be physical or psychological, including the demands and stressors inherent in the everyday lives of human beings.

Here's what some of Bill's students are saying:

I can't say enough good things about Bill's mindfulness & meditation training. It gave me a mental toolbox to control my anxiety and channel destructive thoughts. After facing difficult losses and transitions I became easily paralyzed by regrets. Under Bill's tutelage I learned how to manage those fears through meditation. It took me time and hard work- but well worth the effort. The ability to find serenity is both empowering and calming. I recommend Bill's instruction unequivocally. It helped me take charge of my life.
— Tamah R.

Bill is an exceptional person who has wisdom and depth beyond his chronological years. He reached into his heart and soul to create a life that has purpose and value that is true to him. He attends to people as a whole and inspires them to have the courage and strength to explore and express themselves as they truly are. He has done a great deal of his own self-reflection and has a natural empathetic attunement to others. He is a healer of the highest order.
— Jane O.

Bill Maronn
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